edu_1  edu_3Education is the cornerstone to the success of any health and wellness program, both for us and guests. At Siththar Vaakadam, we are passionate about education! The heart and soul of our Organization is rooted in the teachings of holistic health modalities that promote healing through balance. To facilitate this, we offer products and tools that support and encourage positive lifestyle changes. We give depth and dimension to our education by teaching the basic philosophy, principles and wisdom behind the herbal treatment modalities.


Siththar Vaakadam education launched last year by Sivasri Dr. M G Muthaliar, who is 12th generation of Siththa Medicine family from Sri Lanka, holistic Health Educator and Siththa Practitioner. A Numerous Master of Aromatherapists combined with practice in his traditional way and many years as a teacher of Siththa Tradition, serve as the foundation upon which our Education program is based.

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