Siththar Vaakadam is not just a health care medical center, but an Institution for research and implement on Siththa Tradition and Culture. We provide healthy and wellness awareness programs to community and pure herbal products for healthy life. Our family tradition has 7 Generations of history on Siththa Medicine and Tradition.

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We strongly believe the nature has the answers to all our needs in life and health. Our Institution brings the research on many natural activities on health and wellness. The purpose of Siththar Vaakadam is simple, just to give the right knowledge on health and wellness to community by teaching and training with its own herbal products for healthy life.

The true path we believe in “Knowledge is Divine” every human wants to live long and healthy. We provide which can make you to live long and healthy after and after again, to do that we always looking forward on our research on nature activities and universal truth.

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Our programs and products are based on reality practice and researches. We teach and train how to protect your illness and live peace fully.

Central to Siththar Vaakadam is herbs and spices garden. The philosophy is that we are in possession of the land from which our products spring but rather not are its stewards. In all our activities we will show reverence to Mother Nature and the natural order at all times. Herbs and spices gardens is dedicated to growing and distributing high-quality herbal and spices products in an ethical, organic and Earth-friendly way. Specifically, Siththar Vaakadam herbs will:

Provide our members with the highest-quality medicinal and culinary herbs and spices products that are ethically and organically grown.

Provide our members with the highest-quality ethically and organically grown live plants, rootstock and seeds of native Siththar Vaakadam medicinal herbs, culinary herbs and other useful exotic species.

Provide our members with other botanical products, such as aroma-therapeutic mixtures, herbal formulas and herbal pharmaceuticals that contain the highest-quality ethically and organically grown products from around the world.

Our research team is around the world and it is students based activities. We are welcoming everyone who is believes in Nature Mother.

Please navigate our system to learn more about Siththar Vaakadam.

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